Internet supermarket shopping

One of the pains of living in Epsom and not having a car is that there is not really a big supermarket that close. The best there is, is a Waitrose which is a bit pricey or a small co-op. The nearest big one is a Sainbury's which is more than 30 mins walk away.

For this reason we have started to experiment with internet grocery shopping, with the idea being that we do monthly shops using the internet, get fruit and veg from the market and other bits and bobs from co-op or Waitrose. So far we have tried two: Asda and Tesco. Asda was a right pain in the butt - the internet site did not work on anything apart from Windows internet explorer and even then the navigation and update were slow slow slow. In actual fact we even managed to lose the whole shopping list and had to repeat the hours of work. Also, the delivery did not arrive in the designated slot and some of the replacement items were dodgy.

Tescos was a considerable improvement. The main point is that the web interface was so much better and it worked on firefox which is always a plus. In actual fact the food did not arrive in the first designated slot, but early on in that slot I received a phone call to inform me that a van had broken down and to arrange another time. From then on it was plain sailing, even though they did manage to place a £5 choclate egg in that we did not want. I quick call from Alice though and we got the money back. SO the customer service was very good.

The question is, do we stick with Tesco or try Sainsburys.


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