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Baby name websites

USA names graph
Top 100 UK names
Baby name map
National statistics

The World of DS Homebrew

Guess what I got for Christmas?
This looks like an interesting summary of homebrew stuff available for the Nintendo DS.


GamesTracker - Tracking Gaming Prices, News and Reviews around the web

Looks a good video game price comparison site. I like the idea that it emails you when a game gets below a certain price.

BBC iplayer - flash version

Iplayer is the BBC's tool to watch all the TV programs from the last week. It use to be only available for just windows XP and you had to wait to download the program through p2p. Today they have quietly released a flash version, which means that you can stream any TV program from the last week just like you tube, marvellous. Shame my old iBook isn't up to playing flash!

Daft punk hands

Yeaaahhhh boy!