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CurvyCorners - Beautiful rounded corners for your HTML boxes

CurvyCorners is a javascript library that enables you to get boxes with beautiful rounded corners (very popular a few years ago). What I like about this library is that it is only used if the native CSS of the browser doesn't support it (i.e. only used for internet explorer). Also, if there is a declaration of your intention in the CSS source file (e.g. "-webkit-border-radius:10px;") then you just need to include the curvycorners script and it will sort everything else out for you. Nice.

Simon Hoggart's political review 2009

Simon Hoggart's political review 2009 | Politics | "Peter Mandelson on Boris Johnson 'We have a lot in common. We both spent a long time in Brussels. We both had very public resignations. And we both have an overwhelming ambition to do everything we can to undermine David Cameron.' Boris, at the same event, proved him right by singling out trimming wisteria as an example of expenses abuse. David Cameron was the only MP to claim for trimming wisteria. In a conference speech Boris made an open attack on Cameron's policy for the banks, but got the biggest cheer for promising to restore the river Thames to the London tube map."

Check out the full article.

Video of deepest undersea volcano eruption ever recorded

BBC News - Video of deepest undersea volcano eruption ever recorded: "Extraordinary video has been obtained by scientists of the deepest undersea eruption ever recorded."

Where Does My Money Go?

This is a nice interactive display of what the government spends the taxes on.

Natural Parenting

"On one hand, every single one of my ancestors going back billions of years has managed to figured it out.  On the other hand, that's the mother of all sampling biases."

Child abduction hoax with hair cutting

Since having children I have heard a number of stories about young girls being abducted and found with their hair cut off and in boys clothes. These stories didn't ring true but it concerned me anyhow.

Anyway, I finally looked them up on the web and they are clearly hoaxes:

I wish people would check up on these things before spreading fear in a "Daily Mail" like fashion.