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PicFog - real-time image search

This is a real time stream of images that have been posted by twitpic. Strangely fascinating.

HOWTO: Move your iTunes music while preserving library data (when you don’t let iTunes manage your music library)

This gives a good method to transfer your music to a new location and still keep it in the iTunes library. I probably will use it shortly, but why isn't this easier?

How the ipod touch can find your location

The ipod touch does an amazingly good job at finding your current location with no gps and no mobile phone masks. At home we are located to my street! These, two articles explain it ... remarkable.

Basically there is a database of WIFI access points and there locations that have been gathered by Skyhook. Basically it sounds like they periodically drive around gathering data ... mad. There are coverage maps and you can also submit the location of your own router.


Checkatrade is a really useful site to find tradesmen, with lots of reviews. Just found a decent gas fitter through them.