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Cern webcams

To celebrate the launch of the LHC they have set up some webcams ( They're muh more interesting than they sound ... honest.


Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

Dropbox is a clever web file storage thing that has great desktop clients for windows, OS X and ... linux. It has just come out of private beta and it is well worth a look. 2 GB of space free, user-friendly and on linux, marvellous.

Much better but less space than Adrive. Not as open but more user-friendly than

Don't forget about, but thats for a different purpose really.

CodeIgniter - Open source PHP web application framework

CodeIgniter - Open source PHP web application framework

This looks like another interesting web framework, along with cakePHP (php) and django (python).

I will eventually get round to trying one of these ... honest.

Large Hadron Rap

Ahhhhhhh you got to love those physicists.

Ivan Ukhov drunk(?) before his last jump at Athletissima 08

Thats Friday entertainment for you