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Paper, cycling and ripping

Cooorrrr ... I haven't updated this for ages, how slack. I have no excuse!

All weekend I have been writing a paper on my PhD stuff which has been very hard work, but I am glad I have finally finished a first draft at least. It has been really hanging over my head in a major way, so hopefully I will be able to get submitted soon and feel a bit more free to follow some other intresting stuff.

About a month a go I started cycling to work, which is really great but pretty tiring. It has the double advantage of getting me fitter and saving me a bit of money. Also despite having to have a shower it still takes me about the same amount of time as going by train. What is great about the route that it is mainly off road, going across a few fields and down alley ways. The only bad thing is the hills at the end on the way into work ... man ... talk about destroying my knees, but I definitely am improving. At least I am not getting saddle sore anymore!

Talking about exercise etc., I have been basically on a diet and tracking it with a great site called calorie count, which is by far the best one I have come across ... shame it is american but hey you can't have everything. Amazingly, over the last few months I have lost a stone and a half which is maverllous.

So now that I have finally got an ipod, I have started re-ripping all my CDs into high quality mp3 (LAME --preset standard if you were wondering). As much as I like oggs, it is just not practical to use as a standard format across platforms.