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95 Old School Games You Can Play Online

Do you like the web?

Do you like old school games?

Well now you can combine them and play old school games online.

Special mentions to "spy hunter", "bubble bobble", "millipede", "gauntlet", "qbert" and "dragon's liar".

Undo Closed Window Coming in Firefox 3.5

I never knew that Ctrl+Shift+t opened the last tab you closed in firefox. So I've learnt something useful for the day. Whoop!

More praise for Dan!

Cancer treatments get personal - 15 April 2009 - New Scientist: "The rapid pace of change has left many feeling ill-equipped to deal with the vast quantity of data they are now faced with. 'I only survive in this area because I have a right-hand man who has a PhD in maths,' says Cooper."

That would be me then!

Segway Puma

Is this the fuuuuuuutttttttuuuuurrrrrrrrr

Apparently it can go up to 35mph.

How to ship big stuff around the UK | BitterWallet

How to ship big stuff around the UK | BitterWallet

Baby chicks do basic arithmetic

Smarter than the average chick

Sweet Home 3D

This looks like a useful open-source app to design rooms. I've got a bedroom + partition wall and kitchen in mind.

Persepolis on freeview

"Persepolis Premiere

Saturday 11 April
11:00pm - 12:50am
Channel 4

Animated feature based on Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel about her life in Iran, before and after the country's revolution in 1979, and Europe. After being sent to Vienna by her parents to study, she discovers politics, drugs and sex, but also a feeling of dislocation caused by the attitudes of those around her. She returns to her homeland to find that much has changed, but not for the better."