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Bloody BBC radio 6 music

First they get rid Phil Jupitus, then Andrew Collins and now they have moved Tom Robinson's evening show to one day a week (Friday). Why do the powers that be at 6 music keep removing my favourite DJs from the station. At least Adam and Joe are still around! And Shaun Keaveny is more then rubbish, just a standard commercial local DJ. A continuing decline in the dedication to quality music methinks. It will end up no more than a shaby radio 1. Bah!

List of commercial games released as freeware

List of commercial games released as freeware - Wikipedia


Google Doctype - Google Code

Google Doctype - Google Code

Looks interesting Simple Private Exchange Simple Private Exchange
This looks an excellent website for quickly exchanging files with people.

Just noticed that skydrive from Microsoft is offering 5GB of space for free. It's a shame you can't do a batch upload and the file size limit is 50MB. With batch upload it would be a useful place to back up photos.

Python with a modular IDE (Vim)

sontek ( John M. Anderson ) Python with a modular IDE (Vim)

When I final get around to learning python properly, this looks useful

evolution is useless for ical calendars

Evolution (a popular linux email calendar) supports reading a web calendar in ical format but doesn't support write access to it. How dumb is that? That means that it is impossible to use services such as or simply use a home webdav server. Back to Sunbird and apple ical for me.

I know calDAV is meant to be the superior protocol but show me a decent free service that does it or a way to do it on apache without setting up a completely new service on the server.