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Tottenham Hotspur games live audio

Tottenham Hotspur Interviews: "This is where you can listen to BBC LONDON interviews from Spurs for the 2007 and 2008 season. You can hear every Tottenham game online."

Amazing image resizing

This image manipulation stuff looks amazing. The stuff gets better as it goes along.

The paper is available here.

SVG photos

This is a really nice demo of SVG in firefox browsers. Basically you can grab the corners of a photo and rotate and resize it. Better than my description ... honestly.

Seduction @ The Lido - Margate 1992

My mate Jon alerted me to this bit of video on youtube - old skool rave, just close to where I was brought up. Not that I was old enough to go to any of this stuff, but it is interesting to know it was so big. Now the clubs in Thanet are just meat shops like most towns. I do remember the posters being up everywhere though.

Cheap places for phones and routers

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6 Keys to Understanding Modern CSS-based Layouts -

Another CSS article.

Post ADSL migration

Well it all went smoothly and speeds are just as high. Brilliant!

Xming - X server on windows

Xming Notes

Apparently this is a lot better than running Cygwin/X. There is an article about it on

On a similar note, I have started using rdesktop through tsclient at work and I must say that Microsoft has finally done something right with their remote desktop protocol. It is much better than running X or VNC.

ADSL result pre-migration

If everything goes smoothly I should be changing broadband provider tomorrow. Here is a speed test result to check that I will get similar speeds. I am moving away from freedom2surf because they have been taken over by the apparently rubbish Tiscali. Here are the BT speedtest results:
Line rating 6000k
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps (Upstream) 7618 kbps (Downstream)
Actual IP throughput: 2837 kbps


This looks like a marvellous bicycle repair site.

The Top 10 Must-Buy Games for GBA

Infendo | Nintendo news, podcast, Wii, DS, and GBA blog � Blog Archive � The Top 10 Must-Buy Games for GBA

A few of these look interesteing.