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Use SQL queries to manipulate data frames in R with sqldf package

Just a reminder that this exists and looks useful.

Interrupting R processes in Ubuntu

Interrupting R processes in Ubuntu: "
  • Pressing Ctrl+C should work in the terminal.
  • If that doesn't work, open another terminal console and type
    ps aux | grep R

    kill -s INT PID
  • The first line allows you to discover the PID number of your particular R instance, which is then used in the second line.
  • In the second line above, INT may be replaced by HUP in some cases.
  • The above methods set up an alert-thing to tell the program to stop. When the computations are done externally of R, it can't be executed before the external codes checks back with R. If the external code doesn't do this regularly or at all, killing the entire program is the only way out. If none of the above work, this is probably what has happened and it may be a good idea to let the package author know about the problem..."

Darryl Cunningham Investigates: The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

This is a marvellous comic about the whole MMR scandal.

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Droopy Creates Instant Servers for Large File Trading

KiTTY Adds Session Saving, Portability, and More to PuTTY - Windows - Lifehacker

The sweet smell of success

Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator

IE App Compat VHD

IE App Compat VHD: "VPC Hard Disk Images for testing websites with different Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP and Windows Vista"

I am going to use these images to test IE6 on a website I am producing for work. Apparently, these should work fine on the free VirtualBox.

If you are running windows looks a good way forward.

The Tell-Tale Beat

You fancy me mad. Could a madman have outsmarted the greatest electronica/techno artists of our era? Next to fall will be Roderick Usher's house/trance band.

g3data - extracting data from graphs in images

Remember kids always label your axes