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Well I am at work waiting for my monthly project meeting which is likely to be another difficult odious affair. Ah well.

Despite that I have managed to get iTunes watcher working. This is really great program that produces a webpage of what one has been listening to on iTunes recently. It comes in two parts: a php/mySQL program that sits in my webspace (I have no checked that mySQL works on which is great) and an applescript that checks iTunes every so often. This is mac only as far as I am aware. The results can be seen here. I'm just using the default skin at the moment so it lacks originality but heh, still cool. I particularly like the fact that it looks up the relevant art for each track.

Since I last wrote I have managed to get my dirty mitts on a google mail account and I must say that I am very impressed with it, especially that you can use keyboard shortcuts to do must thing - Its almost like mutt! I have only had one invite so far, but hoppefully I will be able to spread google mail far and wide in the near future

I really must update this thing more regularly. I haven't even mentioned my sea-monkeys yet!!