Back in the land of the living

We have finally back in the land of the living ... that's right broadband has finally been installed at our new place in Epsom. I must say that is a relief, because dialup not only sucks, but I think cost us a fair wack too.

The reason it took so long is that I was waiting until the exchange got upgraded to 8 MBit/s. The broadband company we are using are freedom2surf - as recommended by my bro. All seems fair and well so far although it is typical that on the very day that I get broadband talktalk announce that they are giving it away for free. Surely there must be some catch. Luckily I can always change to it after 3 months as that is the length of time I am bound to f2s.

The speed I am getting seems very good with a top speed of about 400kb/s, but it took a bit of trouble getting it that fast. I brought some buffalo airstations and with one of them came with a free ADSL2 modem, but the speed I got off that was way down. Must be cheap or maybe I just haven't worked out how to use it yet. Anyway I just reverted to my old router/modem combo and that seems to work fine.


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