The good

Life is very hard work at the moment but there has been a few good things in the last week:

  • I have had a letter published in The Guardian. Only in the Online supplement but still pleasing.

    Shared mail

    Both your article by Peter Judge (Small talk, September 1) and the letter by Paul May (Feedback, Septmeber 1) seem to find a major failing in Google Talk to be the difficulty in getting a Gmail account. In fact, it is very easy, as there are many sites that give out Gmail invites free, relying on others to donate them to the shared pool. One example is
    Daniel Brewer

    Note the misspelling of September!!

  • Some very good friends of mine have told me that they are having a baby. Whoop Whoop. I am incredible excited about it and cannot wait to see the little blighter once it pops out.

  • The MRes students took me out for a curry and drinks to thank me for the help I have given them this year. That was great and made me all warm and fluffy inside. The thing is I love to help out, but it is nice that someone appreciates it.

So despite writing up being completely soul destroying there is still some good bits coming along to brighten my day.


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