The bad

Also a lot of crappy stuff has happened in the last week too, but I am surviving and I will fight my way through. So here is the bad stuff:

  • The grant that I was a part of has been rejected. This was to the EPSRC and both reviewers and the board liked the proposal but we were just below the cut off point. I learnt about this last Wednesday and I was completely gutted. It would have given me the prospect of a well paid postdoc. I was not sure whether to take it or not anyway, but I think the way I reacted to it being rejected means that I would have taken it with open arms. Ah well. Looks like staying as an academic might not happen. At least I did not have to make a decision whilst writing up.

  • The groups paper has got rejected for the second time, this time from PLOS Biology. It is really annoying as it is really great stuff but some of the reviewers just do not seem to be able to get it. I feel sorry for Martino and Mike who have to look through it again.

  • England losing to Northern Ireland in the football. The team were so lackluster it was unbelievable. I couldn't believe that the team was made up of so many great players. I think Sven has to go now.

  • My thesis write up is going incredibly slower and is starting to do my head in. Things that should take a day take a week, but I have to get there. If I don't get a first draft done by the end of September I will be really gutted. I do not think I can work until 8pm for 6 days a week for much longer. Arrrgggghhhh


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