My walk home

So I decided to walk home today (not that I had much choice, even though there was a few buses from aldwych) and it was great. There was 1000s of people walking to their nearest train station and hardly any traffic (Less than Sundays actually). It seemed like pedestrians had reclaimed the streets. Maybe a car-less London would work. So at least something good has come out of today - a few people getting exercise. Interstingly people still didn't use the rickshaws!!

There was a very large police presence around, it was obvious that all the policemen had been mobilised to walk the beat. Chaps probably relieved to walk the streets I expect.

It took just over an hour to get home which isn't bad at all, but I must say that my feet have died. This is all down to my crappy "No fear" shoes that are falling apart. I should really replace them but we can't really afford it at the moment.


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