Friday bloody Friday

Well its Friday and I must say that I am completely distracted and have only got a very insignificant amount of work done. Where has my motivation gone? Who knows. I have managed to get completely distracted by the prospect of buying a USB headset so that I can use Skype. I would just use a normal mic but unfortunately Macs do not have a mic-in! As good as Macs are they do tend to think you have a large amount of cash. It is like with webcams, they do not support USB ones but expect you to have a firewire/DV one, arrrggghhhh. The USB headsets are pretty pricey though, so I have been sucked into the evil ebay, lets hope I do not end up with 3 headsets!

It is Nic's wedding this weekend which I am looking forward to hugely. Later on this afternoon I have to nip down to Thanet and grab the car and Kay. I will be then driving to Alice's parents in Oxford so that it is only a short hop up to Birmingham the following morning. I have the honour of being chief usher, but it is unclear what that involves apart from getting kitted up in tails.

Recieved my first "hoax" email today about last weeks bombing. Apparently a friend of a friend that works in the police has said that Bluewater should be avoided this weekend as it is a security risk. Well I am completely sceptical about these things and wish that they wouldn't get sent around.


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