Mac on Intel

Just been reading the live feed of the keynote at WWDC and it is true, Apple is moving over to Intel! I think that is a mistake, but I suspect that IBM managed to annoy Apple just a bit too much with their slowness. I would have like Apple to go on to use the CELL processor, but never mind. Will this be the end of Apple?

I wonder if some clever hacker will make it easier to run OS X on a beige box, and what about AMD, I would say their 64-bit processors are a lot more tempting. Hmmmmm.


NLCF Kenya Blog said…
The new AMD64 Dual jobby looks astounding.....

they are doing a test on at the moment and P4 vs A64 running at full chat constantly and last time I looked the intel had crashed and needed rebooting 4 times while the AMD was cruising......

Looks like Apple will just become an average machine once intel is inside!

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