Dr. Alice and exhausting weekend

So after 2 hours and 45 minutes she came out and she has passed with corrections. It sounds like they were pretty mean to her but she doesn't have to have another viva or anything like that, so thats great.

This has been the first time I have had a break since she passed. Celebrating all Friday, then on Saturday straight to Kew to spend time with both our families, then back to Christain's birthday party. Then on Sunday we had lots of people round for Sunday lunch. Phew, I am so tired, not sure how work will go tomorrow. That is the most hectic weekend I have had in eons, but it was good fun all the same. Strangely I saw Dave for four days in a row and ate nachos four days in a row ... is Dave the nacho king?

Holiday starts on Friday whoop, so only until then to survive.

Anyway, off to have a bath and relax.


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