RT @ElectionMapsUK: Some PR supporters have called for a 'Progressive Alliance' where LAB/LD/GRN work together in the next GE to defeat CON & introduce PR. Here's a current projection of how that would play out (LOTS of caveats here, it's just a bit of fun): PA: 331 CON: 238 SNP: 55 PLC: 4 https://t.co/tEiJ1kzdrY

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A census of amplified and overexpressed human cancer genes : Nature Reviews Cancer

RT @jburnmurdoch: Most useful thread I’ve read on the dynamics of Covid transmission. By an expert, and packed full of links to evidence. Indoor spaces and or prolonged face-to-face contact account for large majority of Covid transmission. Walking past someone in street/park much lower risk. https://t.co/fnMrDjAxfq

The Cancer Genetics Team at UEA Norwich have a fully-funded 3 year lab-based PhD studentship that will be examining Liquid Biopsy Analysis for Poor Prognosis Categories of Prostate Cancer. Check it out. Deadline: August 31, 2020. Start Date: Feb 2021. https://t.co/YJYwG7cXKv https://t.co/gQXphhLJy6