General election 2010: the 10 key datasets to help you decide

From the Guardian:

With the general election 2010 campaign well and truly underway, it's easy for the key facts to get lost in a barrage of propaganda, counter-accusations and obsfucation, as Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats battle for the key marginals.

1. Where's your constituency? Every seat listed

This election will see hundreds of new constituencies as boundary changes come into effect. These figures, compiled by the Press Association, identify every new constituency, and the votes needed to win it.

2. How broken is Britain? Civic pride by local authority

How much pride do you have in your area? These numbers measure community involvement on every level.

3. How much does the government spend?

With cutting public spending a key election issue, these are the most comprehensive figures, department by department.

4. Which departments will be cut?

Straight after the budget, government departments announced sometimes swinging cuts. Find out which ones are the losers

5. What did my MP claim in expenses?

Full list of every MP, complete with constituency IDs and expenses claims. See how they add up.

6. How bad is inequality in the UK?

Have things got better or worse under Labour? See what the data says.

7. How strong is the BNP in my constituency?

BNP membership, seat by seat.

8. How much do public sector workers earn?

For most, it's not very much. Get the full data and see for yourself.

9. Can my newspaper support win the election?

Find out which newspapers supported which parties - and what it did to the outcome.

10. How big is the deficit really?

See how it got this big and what could bring it down.



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