eigenclass - A better backup system based on Git

A better backup system based on Git

A fast, powerful backup system built upon Git and efficient, compact tools written in OCaml (faster than the C counterpart with 1/5th of the code :)

UPDATE (2008-03-31) gibak 0.3.0 released

Recent events have pushed me to get serious about backing up my data. I'm naturally inclined to use simple solutions over specialized backup systems, preferring something like rsync to a special-purpose tool. As far as "standard" tools go, however, git provides a very nice infrastructure that can be used to build your own system, to wit:

  • it is more space-efficient than most incremental backup schemes, since it does file compression and both textual *and* binary deltas (in particular, it's better than solutions relying on hardlinks or incremental backups à la tar/cpio)
  • its transport mechanism is more efficient than rsync's
  • it is fast: recoving your data is *faster* than cp -a
  • you keep the full revision history
  • powerful toolset with a rich vocabulary


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