Nationwide statement to QIF Format

Nationwide recently closed down the ability to get OFX statement files. These files were used to get transaction information into Microsoft Money and many other bits of accounting software. You can read more about it at the website.

I needed to find a way round this so that I could continue using Gnucash without resorting to typing everything in. Looking around I notices that the QIF format was pretty simple and so I have written two scripts:

  1. A Nationwide credit card statement to QIF converter

  2. A Nationwide flexaccount statement to QIF converter

They are tested to work on both OS X and Linux and have zero requirements.

Lets hope that Nationwide sort themselves out and produce a better way to do this.


  • Download the full statement in csv format from Nationwide

  • Download the relevant script into the same directory

  • Make the script executable: chmod +x

  • Create the QIF file: ./ NWCreditOct2009.csv > NWCreditOct2009.qif

  • Use the QIF file in your accounting application

Further Notes

Both simple scripts are variations of each other to adjust for the different columns and are written in awk. I have never done anything in awk before so it is likely that it is not the most efficient, but it works and I did enjoy learnig the basics.


I just noticed that someone has produced a Nationwide to OFX converter which would also produce files that can be used in Gnucash etc.


Pandemonium said…
For those not overtly concerned about paying a fiver for an OFX converter, designed to handle Nationwide FlexAccount, e-Savings and Creditcards try the Nationwide OFX Converter.

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