Running work windows on Linux

This is just a quick note on how I got windows running as a virtual machine within Linux. My situation was a bit peculiar because I could not re-install windows as it had a load of work specific stuff on it that It had set off that I
1) Did not have the rights to install
2) Did not want to hassle IT about (assuming that they would let me do it)

So the easiest and most successful approach was to use VMWARE's free products the key components being:
1) VMWARE converter
2) VMWARE player

It runs really well and I impressed that you can do this with just VMWARE's free stuff. The only thing that would be nice is if they had a free VMWARE player for OS X, but I suppose you can't have everything.

NB This approach is superior to dual booting as
1) I can do stuff on Windows and Linux at the same time
2) It saves me time
3) When I boot into Windows proper it does weird stuff to the boot loader that is a right pain.


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