London to Brighton ride

As you may have gathered I survived the London to Brighton ride and to be honest at the moment I do not feel too bad, just a
bit of sun burn from lying on Brighton beach in a comatose state after
finishing. I am sure the second day stiffness will strike soon.

I stayed overnight at friend's house who live a few miles from the start
at Clapham common. I had to get up at 4.30am and after queuing for
about half an hour we crossed the start line at about 6.35am.

There are four mighty hills to get over, with the last being the most
steep and longest, with the ominous name of Ditchling Beacon. This
gopes over the South downs. You will be pleased to hear that I managed
to get up all of them without walking, unlike about half the other
people. That said the last one I was in the lowest gear possible and it
nearly killed me.

We made a few pit stops for food and water. Food wise it was mainly
bananas but I must say I had one of the most marvellous bacon butties at
one stop (not sure how that fits in with the whole heart campaign).

I came in 12.30pm.

Probably the worse experience of it all was taking the coach back to Coulsdon and then having to cycle the 8 miles home. Stunning.


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