Well, I have finally taken the plunge and signed up to a virtual host. I have signed up with dreamhost, mainly because by using the code 9999 I got about $100 dollar off their yearly price ($120) which means that I get a years hosting for about £10 ... a bargain. After a year though I will probably give it up, hopefully to be replaced buy a server here at home. There seems to be a big disagreement whether dreamhost is any good with many people being anti, but quite a lot being pro (maybe because of the generous referal scheme). Anyway I have got a year to find out.

So I have now got a new domain (yoda230.net) even though I plan to still use brewer.me.uk as my core one, but I will redirect everytyhing to yoda230.net. I have got quite a few plans but we will see how far I get. The priority is to get a personal web site setup, which will be slightly more advanced than my old UCL one! More details as I get somewhere.

I have already started to mirror my mail as last week 1and1 completely cocked up my mail and their imap server was so slow it made me want to die. I tried to move over newspipe but the process continuously got killed so it must be using up too much of the CPU, tried "nicing" it without success. Lastly, I have got gallery up and running and I am slowly transferring all our pictures but this is taking its time, both my broadband and dreamhost seem to be slow today. The only issue I have come across apart from the speed is that I cannot delete images! Oh well onto the forums I go.


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