Indian railways booking website

We are off to India in a few weeks for a wedding and then some travelling. The trains are meant to be very good and cheap in India so I was pleased to hear that you could book tickets online. It has though been an extremely traumatic experience and I can easily declare the the website is the worse I have ever come across. It was difficult to register and there are multiple errors which could only be overcome by sweet talking and tricks. Worse though was that it disconnected repeatedly, was very slow to load and refused to move on. It was also intolerant of reloading the page and heaven forbid pressing the back button. Worse of all it crashed quite a few times when making a payment through the bank gateway which meant that I got charged but did not get the ticket!

After three days of effort I eventually managed to book 8 tickets and reserve one more, but I feel I lost part of my soul in the process. Also the wrong charges are also being refunded slowly. So it looks like it has sorted itself out in the end but I wouldn't wish this process on anyone.

Just want to mention the websites Indiamike which has great handy tips and seat61.


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