Protein Data!

Bah humbug! The world is collapsing around my head. If you hadn't guessed I am in my final year of PhD and so my money runs out in September. I am going something along the lines of computational biology. I am part of a project where I do all the maths and computing stuff but I am reliant on others produce decent data. For three years I have been trying to get decent protein data for the 4-5 key proteins of the network I am looking at. I found out today that basically the postdoc doing all the experiments will not have time to do my protein data. Boo hiss. So it will be very difficult to get far with the comparison between my models and real life. :(

It is a great shame, as the new method that the experimentalists have come up with seemed ideal to produce sharp quantifiable protein data. I have some Western blot data, but that is not great to quantify as large errors seem unavoidable. I do not blame my supervisor as I am sure he has tried his hardest to get the postdoc to do the work, but this postdoc is difficult and I have a feeling she never liked doing the protein stuff. Finally I am only a very minor part in the project so a lot of time there were bigger fish to fry. Just extremely frustrating that the only bit of data I needed will not be forth coming. BIG RANT OVER.


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