Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Replacing ipod mini battery

Rather than pay the obscene price of £50 to get the battery replaced on Alice's ipod mini, and lose the inscription in the process, we decided to replace it ourselves. For £10 we managed to get a UniRoss version which apparently will last even longer than the the original. So last night I did the dirty deed, and even though it was fiddly, it was fairly straight forward and was completed in about 15 minutes. The key hint that made it a lot easier was to use a hair dryer to heat the top and bottom of the ipod before trying to leaver off the white plastic bits. This has the effect of semi-melting the glue. I picked up this hint from a comment in someone else's blog, but I cannot remember where now.

The worse bit of the whole procedure was sliding the ipod back into its case which required a combination of wiggling, molding and brute force. It was left to charge over night and initial reports from Alice this morning are that it works splendidly. Marvellous.